Wedding Photography

This is absolutely the most challenging photography to enjoy but it is worth seeing. You will witness the true meaning of Love and Happiness in one  day. Every seconds spent is important for us so we make sure that moment is captured.

Portrait Photography

My favorite type of photography is Portraiture. This  is such a fun type of photography. I love working with people, directing their pose and process the images that they would never  can imagine the outcome. Please do not hesitate to reach me for Group, Portrait, Family Photos, Headshots, Child/Newborn photos or anything else you might need.

Event Photography

There are so many different events in your life that are worth keeping. Doing event photography is such an honor to be part of. Every event is truly unique so you get to a chance to witness so many different settings and so many different people. We cater Christening, Birthday, Corporate and Debut events.

Recent work

Jeff Secondes Photography’s mission is to give anyone who wants to capture a moment in time a chance to do so. We will work with you to try and make it happen exactly the way you want it.
A happy client first and foremost! Our philosophy is that if we keep you smiling from the first meeting until you receive your photographs, it will show in the photographs, and it will make our life and work a much better place.
We promise you that we will do whatever we can for you to walk away with photos you will cherish for the rest of your life.